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The 3 Second Rule

13 Mar , 2018  

Facebook currently boasts 8 million video views per day. What’s even more surprising is the fact that about 85 percent of those video views happen with the sound turned off and whilst Facebook only registers a ‘view’ at the 3 second mark this provides really useful when designing your creative content.

I have seen first-hand compelling data that previously identified that average viewer rates in 2016/17 were around 8 seconds before a viewer moved on. This trend has sped up and is closer to 3 seconds (and-out) for 2017/18.

It’s therefore never been so important to not just get ‘viewers’ attention in those first three seconds but it’s also ensure they become part of the organic story telling (comment/tag-a-friend).

Let’s review what a video ‘post’ (organic or paid) needs to achieve fast

  1. The subject need to be HIGHLY topical (funny, meaningful or sad)
  2. You need to affirm your KEY messages with animated text overlay or even simple subtitles and worry less about the music overlay
  3. It needs to have a high visual IMPACT and be able to ooze authenticity (it doesn’t need to look like an expensive TV advert). Shooting content from your latest smartphone will work perfectly for some content
  4. It MUST have an easy click through/swipe up Call-To-Action (preferably something money can’t easily buy) to maximise consumer conversions)
  5. AB TEST everything: the message, the image, the footage, the animation, the colour, the call to action, the platform, the time of posting to ensure you avoid being the 3 Second Fool!


Fast track your 3-minute music video, your 2-minute motion picture trailer and your 60 second retail commercial to a new hyper bite-size 3–10 second swipe-up style video that it creates a faster reaction to ensure purchase or to find out more. Get to the point – less is OFTEN the most powerful tool you have with the time that you have to say it in!

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