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Your 5-a-day For Business

14 Mar , 2018  


This article is aimed at improving your content’s ability to connect (and then resonate) even if it’s just for a few seconds. With consumers 16 – 44 now following up to 100+ commercial brands (not just friends) across their top 5 social media channels, getting the timing right is crucial for success.


 Let’s start with the moment they wake up (6am for the purpose of this post) and they reach to grab their phone which has an annoying alarm ringing out, followed by an influx of screen filled personal text messages, messenger-style notifications, news updates etc. from their carefully selected top 5.

 Instagram is full of fitness related images of people already smashing it at the gym and inspirational images of well-being to get their ass out of bed or mind in a happy place for the day ahead

  • Facebook is picking up friends and family posts likely hours behind your current time line (in case they missed it)
  • Snapchat (if used) are showing stories of the night before (partying, some epic animal filter and pouty-poses)
  • Twitter is punching out the latest news and a ‘pinned tweet’ which provides users with a minus 8-hour blast of the what happened overnight from the rest of the world.


 This is where the wave of recent huge online publishers has done so well with millennial audiences. They create escapism! In short – fun content right into the hands of working professionals who are quite frankly- looking for some light relief from the mundane daily news and life’s constant battles.  The train journey to work is often a miserable one but with a pair of ear phones and a streaming signal (over ground commuting) it can be turned into a gateway for brands to get in front of a captive audience and for a long period of time (30 – 100 minutes in some cases).


 For the most part this long-term tradition has ended, most working professionals will let you that they have no lunch break – they work through emails whilst multi-tasking with their fast food. This offers brands a two-hour window between 12 and 2pm to push the third moment of the day for promotional purposes.


 Back in the over ground train after a mind-numbing day, these audiences now crave content that is either going to take their mind fully-off of the last 8 hours in work or shape their next few hours at home via new programme or news that delights them.


 Whether it’s at home cooking, relaxing or straight to bed, audiences check their mobile for one last time to see if they have missed out on the latest gossip and drama from their social networks. It’s also likely the most rewarding time to bring together the morning, lunchtime and drive-time activity together for one final time. Let’s look at four core workable audiences:

  1. Working professionals (18 – 30) who travel home from 5.30-7.30pm will be a large part of the audience browsing via a mobile on the way home.
  2. Working parent professionals (25-44) who become more alive from when baby or children go to bed post 7.30-9-30pm
  3. Graduates/Students (16-24) browse social media for long-sustained viewing times as they are not driven by linear TV between 7 and 10pm
  4. Finally, the Executives (35-60). These are the people running most companies throughout the world who are important key decisions makers but are likely on the last train home or UBER after work drinks/dinners (10pm – 2am)


 It’s super important to mention that all of these contact points during the day are 85% + likely to read in silence and in very short bursts. So, making your content resonate, just got really freaking important!

Users viewing content will likely have the sound off for most of the 5-a-day touch points so not to attract any unwanted commuter eyes or attention from any work colleagues. So to conclude – focus much more on the content ‘message value’ and be less obsessed about the production values (including music).

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