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Become an Einstein of Digital Marketing? (Don’t let Dumb + Dumb equal you)

13 Mar , 2012  

Become an Einstein of Digital Marketing? (Don’t let Dumb + Dumb equal you)

With Special Thanks to Allister Frost (Head of Digital Marketing Strategy, Microsoft UK). Please review his Blog here : for key insight into digital marketing for this artcile.

Albert Einstein

The latest key trends and practical advice from leading marketers in media identify a myriad of frameworks which require digital attention if you are set on targeting your customers effectively.

The key defined ones are (March 2012):

• Presentations • Search • Video Sharing • Micro blogging • RSS • Podcasting • Blogging • Bookmarking • Professional • Social networking • Photo sharing • Wikis

Microsoft recently revealed their detailed analysis of the fast paced digital environment and key trend activity. They demonstrated that in a 60 second period some of the lightning fast statistics that emerged were:

• 100+ new linked in accounts

• 168 Million Emails sent

• 320+ new twitter accounts and 98,000 tweets

• 1500+ blog posts

• 695,000 Google searches

 • 495,000 face book updates

• 600 + new videos uploaded to you tube

In the UK the average consumer totalled up some 800 million hours of social media time collectively within one month which demonstrates the sheer size of interaction across vast digital platforms. Social networks are being used by every generation now as evidence from Microsoft shows significant changes and growth across the board. Anyone over 60 who is in business is as active as the standard 30 year old consumer due to technologies such as smart phones, tablets and laptops that are now embedded in today business life.

‘Exact Target’ recently did some research to identify why people use Facebook. The results were

 63% used it to reconnect with old friends who live far away

• 59% maintain personal contacts

• 37% stay on top of social life

For those marketers who focus on breaking their latest product and service through this media outlet are likely to be have a poor response and possibly hemorrhaging the marketing budget thinking that Facebook is the key answer to doing business in the digital world. There is a lot of evidence within publications such as the Sunday Times, The Marketer and FT that commercial directors within the city of London have pulled the budgets from marketers who have been obsessed with digital. The evidenced published demonstrated that 6 out of 10 digital marketing campaigns had failed and the marketing team have failed to incorporate traditional offline segments.

Admittedly it is very hard when the traditional marketing methods are not able to be easily assigned into the profit or loss sheet therefore it is key to factor in that key consumer characteristics will provide revenue streams eventually through trust, loyalty  and credibility. This does takes time and has to be grown organically in line with the wider marketing strategy but you will soon be able to clearly demonstrate evidence that enhances profits for the commercial directors.

This doesn’t meant to say that being a maverick is the way forward, it is simply the case of knowing that you are a true ‘expert ‘ within your field and the sales will grow.

Five key strategic aims in order to win crucial consumer support are :

1. Bring valuable relevant content to consumers

2. Define the organisation well

3. Grow and nourish relationship over a long period

4. Achieve self fulfilment

5. Support relevant causes to help ‘glue’ consumer engagement


Nielsen global online consumer survey revealed astonishingly that an incredible 90% of people trust recommendations from people they know so fully understanding your key customer characteristics (previously discussed) is critical in order to secure profits and new revenue streams.

Furthermore  Allister Frost from Microsoft believes that nowadays there is no such thing as a brand awareness campaign and that attributes such as trust, loyalty, reputation are THE critical success factors in order to beat competition which again endorses my view. They also mentions that investing in social leaders and social players are key to winning and retaining consumer interests.

Being brave, being real and being transparent is so essential now as the social media spyglass is hard at work 24/7 on brands and organisations.

It is the time to invest in key tools and brilliant prolific and dynamic experts. Key staff and well refined business processes that allow for true ‘performance’ whilst understanding the core strategic intent/purpose of the business, it’s products and services will no doubt win superior competitive advantages for a sustainable period. This will translate into higher profits and provide the metric that the board likes to see.

Develop the SRO (Search Recommendation Optimisation)

Listening to the social telephone and responding to it fast will further allow your business to be more successful. Moderate your digital content well and ultimately provide ‘social gifts’ that allow consumers to feel fulfilled with your brand and your marketing messages. Share these messages and content as broadly as possible and allow for vital consumer feedback (use the most relevant platforms to promote messages).

CRM is essential, even if it is negative. Your business can never be 100% perfect, take the hit occasionally and listen to what consumers are not happy with. It will give you room for organisational improvement and allow you to keep competitors away for longer.

Handpick your digital platforms, choose ones that are the most relevant to your business, you don’t need to be on all of them and then saturate your marketing power. Choose a few key platforms that best support your needs and then inform them with appropriate engaging content. Your messages will spread organically by other users who are engaged and you will see strong results.

Show sparks|! Show real personality, live a little, live a lot, have fun with it, you’re in a business with a heart, mind and soul. Let is shine!

Shine so bright your competitors have to squint to see you!


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