Second screen consumers and the links to entertainment profits

23 Oct , 2014  


Second screen consumers and the links to entertainment profits. I would really like to highlight how useful consumers are when producing revenues through their fingertip opinions when engaging with popular programmes such as the X Factor, this audience are so much smarter than brands give them credit for. These consumers see through the well thought […]

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Universal – Kylie Minogue Records Joint Venture?

19 Mar , 2014  


With Kylie Minogue taking the TV/music brand ‘The Voice’ to new levels, it is clear that she is adding a unique and dynamic value proposition to the BBC show and the wider music industry. As published in my music report “making music for a global audience” it highlights that there are four markets (Children, Clubbers, […]

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The future SYCOLOGY of the X Factor (2012)

2 Jul , 2012  

Simon Cowell Arriving At X-Factor Auditions

Ahead of this years X Factor, I would like to share and publsih my thoughts on a few options on what should be done this year in order to ‘up the game’ for SYCO/SONY/FREEMANTLE/ITV. This article aims to inform SYCO how they can improve the X Factor 2012with a three stage solution. There are many stages […]

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Building Music ‘Artist’ Brands Without The Disconnect

9 May , 2012  


Building Music ‘Artist’ Brands Without The Disconnect Traditional methods when launching a new act in the music industry has been to find a class act then allocate catchy songs (specific to that market) and build a promotional campaign through live dates, guest appearances, interviews/articles and airplay. It was all about the brand building and market […]

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Emerging Brands – Rhino’s Gym

23 Mar , 2012  

rhinos article image

Emerging Brands – Rhino’s Gym Building a brand from scratch takes a lot of vision and hard work in order to for it to be successful. Some companies manage their brand organically whilst others are highly focused on the micro management and development of brand planning aspects. Rhino’s Gym was founded over twenty years ago […]

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Become an Einstein of Digital Marketing? (Don’t let Dumb + Dumb equal you)

13 Mar , 2012  

Albert Einstein

Become an Einstein of Digital Marketing? (Don’t let Dumb + Dumb equal you) With Special Thanks to Allister Frost (Head of Digital Marketing Strategy, Microsoft UK). Please review his Blog here : for key insight into digital marketing for this artcile. The latest key trends and practical advice from leading marketers in media identify a […]

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Marketing for ‘Tossers’

9 Mar , 2012  

Marketing For Tossers

The Tossed brand is somewhat of a phenomenon when it comes to City of London’s multiple lunchtime food retailers and the positioning of its identity. Tossed’s mission statement is defined simply as ‘Turning over a new leaf’ and Tossed not only offers very good tasting products complete with a plethora of very healthy options (calorie […]

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The New Leaders of Marketing

2 Jan , 2012  

New Leaders of Marketing

This year, 2011 has seen a profound and interesting change in how CEO’s/board of directors and executive managers view employee’s internal knowledge and what commercial skills sets that they have across all areas of the business when performing in business. Marketing staff who would like to gain further recognition in order to either raise their […]

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