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Emerging Brands – Rhino’s Gym

23 Mar , 2012  

Emerging Brands – Rhino’s Gym

Building a brand from scratch takes a lot of vision and hard work in order to for it to be successful. Some companies manage their brand organically whilst others are highly focused on the micro management and development of brand planning aspects.

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Rhino’s Gym was founded over twenty years ago in north Kent, a small outfit but it had the all important starting vision of providing superior fitness service, advice in order for its customers to become fit and healthy through exercises and dieting and also creating winners of national fitness competitions.

As with all brands the more accreditation and success that it has the message of success spreads and the interest from new customers and other businesses grows. The result of strong emergent growth has been that three years ago the gym had to change premises five times the size of its former residence in order to meet the needs of the growing customer’s database.

It was clear that Rhino’s had become a serious competitor within the south east fitness market and was ready to evolve from its emerging brand roots and start its road to become a super power. Rhino’s had secured a segmentation advantage over the big existing brands such as David Lloyd in the local area as Rhino’s focused on the message of ‘serious about fitness’.

Rhino’s was clearly interested in winners, not second place and it had the vision to build a ‘family’ of competitors and community of customers that was friendly to all cultures and walks of life, somewhat of a first for a gym associated with its spit and sawdust architecture.

The brand continued to develop and glue communities together and very cleverly without actually realising it allowed Rhino’s to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. The brand offered a place, product and community that was safe, reliable, and infectious and most importantly could deliver on its brand promises regularly.

I helped re-design (with the approval of both directors Joanne and Kevin) new strategic aims and objectives through a three marketing plan that would support growth, new revenues streams (merchandise and health products) and most importantly higher profits and a sense of fulfilment.

2012 and three years on, Rhino’s and their team have met the goals of marketing plan and have now fully secured themselves as a brand ready to franchise and grow again in size of premises due to even more customer growth.

One of the key aims within the current premises was to challenge the status quo of ‘spit and sawdust’ type gyms and encourage more women and children to train and participate in physical activities, again the brand delivered and met these expectations well and has attracted a diverse range of customers that demonstrate a real reflection of how integration can be achieved by sticking to a corporate vision.

To enhance these new customer groups Rhino’s incorporated (along with its serious work out facilities) massaging for sports injuries through a small boutique salon, a myriad of sports and dancing classes within the upper mezzanine levels, merchandise and quality supplements  and key advice on supplements, bespoke diet plans tailored for  customer needs.

Now the brand is at capacity it has new future growth plans to ensure it keeps achieving superior customer service and advantages in order to retain and grow profits for re-investment. Bravo to team Rhino!

To view the brand, please visit the website www.rhinos-gym.com. For any commercial enquires please fill in the contact form and the executive team will respond to your enquiry.


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