Universal – Kylie Minogue Records Joint Venture?

19 Mar , 2014  


With Kylie Minogue taking the TV/music brand ‘The Voice’ to new levels, it is clear that she is adding a unique and dynamic value proposition to the BBC show and the wider music industry. As published in my music report “making music for a global audience” it highlights that there are four markets (Children, Clubbers, […]

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Building Music ‘Artist’ Brands Without The Disconnect

9 May , 2012  


Building Music ‘Artist’ Brands Without The Disconnect Traditional methods when launching a new act in the music industry has been to find a class act then allocate catchy songs (specific to that market) and build a promotional campaign through live dates, guest appearances, interviews/articles and airplay. It was all about the brand building and market […]

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Cold Calling the Music Industry

15 Mar , 2012  

Cold Calling the Music Industry

Whilst business today is being implemented from one, three and five year business plans it is time to give vital consideration to the next 10 years and effective strategic planning. The shift of consumer focus is more than apparent in industry today and the way in which sales are made but with media related companies […]

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