Streaming Ahead!.. Swift ‘Tailor-made’ Action

9 Nov , 2014   Video

taylor swift

Streaming Ahead!.. Swift ‘Tailor-made’ Action. Situation Analysis Huge congratulations to Taylor Swift this week who is innovating and leading the pack with her robust, brave but ultimately commercial decision to remove her new album 1989, its lead single ‘shake it off’ and all her back catalogue of songs from the music-streaming service spotify. In an […]

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Building Music ‘Artist’ Brands Without The Disconnect

9 May , 2012  


Building Music ‘Artist’ Brands Without The Disconnect Traditional methods when launching a new act in the music industry has been to find a class act then allocate catchy songs (specific to that market) and build a promotional campaign through live dates, guest appearances, interviews/articles and airplay. It was all about the brand building and market […]

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