The New Leaders of Marketing

2 Jan , 2012  

New Leaders of Marketing

This year, 2011 has seen a profound and interesting change in how CEO’s/board of directors and executive managers view employee’s internal knowledge and what commercial skills sets that they have across all areas of the business when performing in business. Marketing staff who would like to gain further recognition in order to either raise their […]

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Re-design Your Strategy For 2012

5 Dec , 2011  

Re-Design Your Strategy For 2012

“Know your enemy well but know yourself the most” Building on the theme of Sun Tzu ‘The art of War’ 400BC, many businesses will need to re-design and refine their strategies for 2012 and onwards to ensure successful competitive advantages ahead of challenging new markets. In the city of London so many companies are focused […]

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SYCO – “How not to be threatened by a crisis”

13 Sep , 2011  

SYCO 'How not to be threatened by a crisis'

1.0 Introduction SYCO (Founded by mogul Simon Cowell) is the sole distributor for highly successful television products, X Factor’ and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ created by ITV and SYCO. SYCO is currently the most successful label within Sony Music which contributes 70% percent of the organisations entire revenue in the United Kingdom. This success is attributed […]

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Leadership Verses Micro-Management

9 Sep , 2011  

Leadership vs Micro-Management

Widespread amongst the large corporate environment are insightful visions from strong leaders and key business executives who try their best to engage stakeholders in order to achieve a more efficient working practice in order to meet strategic goals. This breath of visionary fresh air should be a defining and positive moment in reshaping the future […]

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