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Smarketeers – The Five E’s of Success

26 Oct , 2014  

Let’s face it the markets are well on our way to recovery after an arduous and profoundly boring 6 years of recession. The reality that is left staring brands in the face is that it’s absolutely all to play for…and right now!

Brands must now close those all important commercial gaps in their business before their competitors do and with this thought in mind, this article will discuss what positive changes that have materialised since 2008 from those somewhat infant digital platforms compared to now. Their  profound ability to provide robust, track able and highly reliable intelligence that can deliver real customer value and sustainable profits is nothing short of incredible.

I want to welcome the new team to the C-suite executives to the board room… “Smarketeers”.

This team are not just standard marketing or sales people per say, but ‘Business Champions’ equipped with a best practice tool kit of smarter tools and cutting edge thinking in order to make the best use of dynamic technological systems that help them execute their superior social relationship skills in order to fully engage customers and clients alike.

In a recent article by Douglas Burdett (April, 2014), Douglas suggested 5 key steps that Sales and Marketing staff should together in order to be more effective. The criteria were:

  1. What is your company or division’s revenue goal?
  2. What is your average deal size(current revenue/current customers)?
  3. How many customersdo you need? (revenue goal/average deal size)?
  4. What is your lead to conversion rate(current customers/current leads)?
  5. Calculate the number of leads needed(customers needed/average lead to customer)

This criteria is of profound interest to me as if I was to cast my mind back to 2008, I doubt this criteria would have been nowhere near as accurate or insightful knowing what digital tools we have today. Leading systems such as Salesforce and Pardot are just two of the many highly intelligent  frameworks that are making businesses much more accountable and effective in their operational activities. From superior account management to nurturing leads and creating sustainable lifecycles these vehicles provide reliable mechanisms that can showcase the best results in the board room.

This is great news for Smarketeers as they can finally start to prove that intelligent sales conversations, leading branding designs and superior content (google friendly) really do provide ‘cash in’ to the business when implemented correctly. What’s more is that the results are showing real sustainability allowing for continual market research into hot topics such as pricing analysis, promotional tactics and new product development.

From the brands that I have worked across and currently support, I wanted to share my 5 E’s of best practice tips in order to help future Smarketeers become even more successful.

  1. Embrace! – Being truly accountable to your C-Suite team is a real ‘heart on the sleeve moment’ for businesses at this key time and it’s a real game changer. Don’t be afraid…..You will be able to build a new found trust with your board of directors.
  2. Empower! – Encourage your team to win big across new emerging platforms. It’s important to have action, become more resilient and absolutely smash it!
  3. Endorse! – When you win, talk it up with all your customers! Share case studies together online! Be VERY social – internally and externally. Brands that become more social online help create a confident, commercial and leading respect to both B2B and B2C markets.
  4. Excel! – It’s tough still and even when it’s not….still give it your 1000%. Lead like a formula one racing driver in pole position. Its green roots territory out there right now and the intensity has never been more apparent for those key wins. Stay really focused, digital has has had time to catch up, then normalise, and also a whole lot smarter. Let it help you develop smarter business practices.
  5. Enjoy! – My CFO reminded me recently that teams MUST have FUN in what they do! Even though it can be tough day, try and take the time to nurture ALL of your team. Handhold your staff, lead by example and say thank you when necessary. Your C-Suite exec’s often have the worst days imaginable and likely will not tell you. Be aware that you are all ONE team. When was the last time that offered to go that extra mile in their world?….I honestly believe you can only really share success when everyone is winning together.

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