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Your 5-a-day For Business

14 Mar , 2018  

Clock Countdown

YOUR 5-A-DAY FOR BUSINESS! This article is aimed at improving your content’s ability to connect (and then resonate) even if it’s just for a few seconds. With consumers 16 – 44 now following up to 100+ commercial brands (not just friends) across their top 5 social media channels, getting the timing right is crucial for […]

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Content, Digital, Marketing, Strategy

The 3 Second Rule

13 Mar , 2018  

3 seconds

Facebook currently boasts 8 million video views per day. What’s even more surprising is the fact that about 85 percent of those video views happen with the sound turned off and whilst Facebook only registers a ‘view’ at the 3 second mark this provides really useful when designing your creative content. I have seen first-hand […]

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Your 2018 Video Marketing Strategy

1 Jan , 2018  

video strategy

1.0 The Fundamentals It’s no secret that Google, YouTube and Facebook like to keep their algorithm well under wraps, but as 2018 kicks off it looks like there’s been a few further changes to the algorithm that’s impacts content creators. Content creators invest a lot of time trying to climb the ranks of the search […]

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Best Practice in Digital Communications and Content Curation

16 Nov , 2014   Video

john legend

Best Practice in Digital Communications and Content Curation. Right now, everyone has an opinion about what your digital brand is doing online and offline. Whether it’s in your customer service, innovation, media presence, content creation or digital PR If your team can respond to the key elements of conversations this is an amazing way to […]

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Cold Calling the Music Industry

15 Mar , 2012  

Cold Calling the Music Industry

Whilst business today is being implemented from one, three and five year business plans it is time to give vital consideration to the next 10 years and effective strategic planning. The shift of consumer focus is more than apparent in industry today and the way in which sales are made but with media related companies […]

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Become an Einstein of Digital Marketing? (Don’t let Dumb + Dumb equal you)

13 Mar , 2012  

Albert Einstein

Become an Einstein of Digital Marketing? (Don’t let Dumb + Dumb equal you) With Special Thanks to Allister Frost (Head of Digital Marketing Strategy, Microsoft UK). Please review his Blog here : for key insight into digital marketing for this artcile. The latest key trends and practical advice from leading marketers in media identify a […]

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Re-design Your Strategy For 2012

5 Dec , 2011  

Re-Design Your Strategy For 2012

“Know your enemy well but know yourself the most” Building on the theme of Sun Tzu ‘The art of War’ 400BC, many businesses will need to re-design and refine their strategies for 2012 and onwards to ensure successful competitive advantages ahead of challenging new markets. In the city of London so many companies are focused […]

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Leadership Verses Micro-Management

9 Sep , 2011  

Leadership vs Micro-Management

Widespread amongst the large corporate environment are insightful visions from strong leaders and key business executives who try their best to engage stakeholders in order to achieve a more efficient working practice in order to meet strategic goals. This breath of visionary fresh air should be a defining and positive moment in reshaping the future […]

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