New Leaders of Marketing


The New Leaders of Marketing

2 Jan , 2012  

This year, 2011 has seen a profound and interesting change in how CEO’s/board of directors and executive managers view employee’s internal knowledge and what commercial skills sets that they have across all areas of the business when performing in business. Marketing staff who would like to gain further recognition in order to either raise their game/be considered for a promotion will be required to have not only excellent business foresight (recognising a broad understanding of the organisation’s needs) to anticipate market trends but also to what extent may these trends and any recommendations may impact on the wider business environment.

New Leaders of Marketing

Understanding and incorporating what the corporate needs are when generating marketing reports/ plans will be critical to the success of any documentation from a senior level perspective. Demonstrating that employees can assess the impact to a department shows that they have a clear understanding of the scope of the business and a credible acknowledgment of relevant internal stakeholders. When practicing it is crucial to give consideration to key business areas such as finance, legal, human resources, deployment, IT and faculty when a proposal/plan is presented.

It will be crucial for marketing staff to factor in cross function departments and fully appreciate the effect this may have on the overall outcome of the marketing recommendations. Sound obvious? Perhaps then quite worrying that applied in practice within today’s business world that vital consideration is overlooked and plans immediately floored. By achieving a meticulous assessment, marketers will likely be much more effective at justifying plans and answering questions from the executive management with regards documentation thus allowing the plan a high chance to become implemented. Marketers who identify the ‘bigger picture’ in business well will impress the executive management by showing their strategic ability to think outside the box regularly.

Understanding the core markets of the organisation is one thing but to accurately anticipate market changes and new market opportunities effectively will show highly effective thought leadership within your field. Wider impacts of such actions should lead marketers to inspire other colleagues within the organisation by highlighting exciting opportunities rather than the perceived gloomy challenges. Part of the selling of the recommendation or plan should include motivating the team and developing a winning internal strategy in order to complete goals successfully.

This recent shift by senior managers has evolved from the recent economic downturn and has now provided these executives with a new template to design and train new/existing staff to think broadly and consider other limitations within the corporate world in order for them to make more competent commercial decisions. This is an excellent move to support any commercial strategy that can be then successfully implemented across organisations now that it is a principle set in stone in order to provide a back bone to commercial growth. Employees who embrace this new strategic vision and show flair with robust professional practices will likely be considered to be cutting edge and perhaps future leaders of the firm.

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