Universal – Kylie Minogue Records Joint Venture?

19 Mar , 2014  


With Kylie Minogue taking the TV/music brand ‘The Voice’ to new levels, it is clear that she is adding a unique and dynamic value proposition to the BBC show and the wider music industry. As published in my music report “making music for a global audience” it highlights that there are four markets (Children, Clubbers, fans and Contemporary) for an entertainment to completely engage with intelligently in order to achieve long term success and sales.

Kylie more than hits these mark with these four identified markets in artist and mentor capability and is clearly has the appeal to be so likeable in so many different ways to such varied audiences. Kylie has provided a new conduit to a record company’s ability to sell products but not in the way you would expect me to suggest. Universal should offer Kylie a music label in the form of a Joint Venture (JV) so that her current PR and creative capabilities are fully enhanced and captured by this associated. Whether Kylie wins or not it is very clear by examining the improvement stats of ‘The Voice’ that she has a unique connection to a previously unexplored sales channel for new pop artists, existing ‘Voice’ fan base and most importantly pop music lovers and her fans, globally!

She is a good example of how to be an applied peer mentor and is weekly effortlessly engaging with her vast global audiences. I feel from a record company perspective that she also has a unique value working and advising music management teams, engaging music journalists and broadcast press/PR whilst having the ability to delivering critical sales, develop key social stories and carry on the PR messages way after the show has finished this year’s season. Surely this kind of opportunity is a gold win for a record company should the financial and Kylie’s A&R investment be agreed?

Kylie is very lucky to have reached a pivotal moment in her career this year and one which shouts opportunity form the strategic and creative rafters of the music industry. Universal should snap up Kylie as a lead ambassador for the future of their pop music decision and help boost its credible and financial position in the global pop music industry.

On a wider strategic note, this is a way that Universal and the BBC can ensure that ‘The Voice’ audiences continue to grow in both accountability and credibility knowing that Kylie (now basically the head judge) can really add value before, during and after each series. Longer term this will help both broadcast parties fight off any competitor shows that want to claim this popular music space and market share.

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